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    The 25th year Klein High School Reunion will be held at the picturesque property of Shirley Acres in Houston, Texas on Saturday, June 20, 2015.  This event is open to all Class of 1990 Klein High School graduates and their guests. This is an adult only event.  A full bar will be offered and heavy hors d'oeuvres.
Shirley Acres offers an open, inviting atmosphere perfect for a casual gathering. Men are encouraged to wear jeans and boots and ladies the same or a summer sun dress.
    Tickets can be purchased online.  Commit and order your tickets today to secure the best pricing.  Prices will go up as the event draws near.  Plus, we would like to provide additional perks like a photographer, memory books and more but this is dependent on raising funds early.  


Entertainment:   The Trey Clark Band will headline the event.  

"The Trey Clark Band is what Texas Music is all about! There are only a handful of artists in Texas that both deliver an awesome show and write and perform original songs. Trey does this with ease. He has been a big part of the Texas music scene for the past 10 years and has recorded three albums, Broke and Busted, the critically acclaimed album, Never Drift Home, and Trey Clark Live At The Armadillo Palace!"

Get Involved:   We want everyone to come back to Houston and reminisce about their high school days.  To get everyone involved we have created some key ice breakers that require your participation.  
    1.   Submit Photos from your high school days.  Photos will be developed and              sitting on tables at the event.  Try and pick out everyone in the photos.

  2.  Little Known Fact:  Please submit a little known fact about yourself.                           Alumni will have an opportunity to mix and match your name with facts                  submitted.    

 3.  Where Are You Now?:  A map will be displayed identifying  where              our alumni have escaped too. 
217 Woerner Rd, Houston 77090